Corner Cafe Restaurant in Surin Thailand

New start, Corner Cafe Restaurant in new location.This week we have meatballs and pancakes festival!!
Come and enjoy our all-time favorites at the Corner Cafe Restaurant.
Menu of the week. 4.-9.7. 2017
Meatballs 199 Thb
Pancakes 85 Thb
ยำรวมมิตรทะเล, Spicy noodle salad with mixed seafood, 100 Thb
ข้าวผัดห้าสี, Fried rice 60 Thb
แกงเขียวหวานไก่, Green curry with chicken 110 Thb
แกงจืดหมูสับ, Mild soup with vegetables and minced meat 110 Thb
ข้าวต้มหมูสับ, Rice soup with minced meat 60 Thb
This week we are open from 8am to 6pm

Taxi in Surin

Taxi service in Surin. Car rental with driver in Surin, Isan. Luxurious passenger room with 10 seats, Toyota Ventury

Rent a home in Surin - เช่าบ้าน อพาร์เมนท์ในสุรินทร์

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- Long stay accommodation in Surin -

New Apartment in Surin City

New fully furnished one-bedroom apartments for rent in Surin.
Something new in Surin, a decent one bedroom, living room and kitchen apartment. Near hospital and schools, few minutes from Surin City. Fully furnished, air condition in bedroom, electric 8 Thb/unit, water is free. Parking places downstairs. Cleaning twice a week included. Rent 12000 thb/month Contact person: Tai Telephone: 083 100 0104 email:

Corner Cafe Surin

New restaurant and coffee shop in Surin

Hotel deals in Surin

Hotels Location Price
Banna Pruksa Resort Surin Surin City 472 THB
Hotel Petchkasem Grand Surin Surin City 746 THB
Kritsada Grand Palace Apartment Surin Surin City 377 THB
Maneerote Hotel Surin Surin City 425 THB
Surin Majestic Hotel Surin City 943 THB
The Orchid Residence Surin Surin City 425 THB
Thong Tarin Hotel Surin Surin City 754 THB

Resort for sale in Prasat, Surin

Nice resort for sale in Prasat, 30 km from Surin City, 6 km from Prasat Town.

Prime minister of Thailand in Surin

Yingluck Shinawatra, Prime minister of Thailand visited in Surin at the end of July 2012

Elephant Dreams in Surin

Again a great video by Phrakanong

Sweet Home Surin

Video clips from a visit to a village in Surin Province, Thailand.

ขายที่ดินใกล้เมืองสุรินท์ ใกล้เลี่ยงเมืองไอคิว-ปราสาท (id 500)ราคา390,000 บาท

ขายที่ดินแบ่งล็อคขายใกล้ตัวเมืองสุรินทร์ อยู่บ้านตราดระบอก ขนาด 200 ตารางวา(ล็อคละ100ตรว.) ที่ดินอยู่ห่างจากถนนเลี่ยงเมือง 1 กิโลเมตร น้ำไฟเข้าถึง บรรยากาศดีทำเลสวยเหมาะปลูกบ้านอยู่อาศัย ไม่ไกลจากตัวเมืองเดินทางไปบิ๊กซีเพียง 15 นาที :ราคาขาย 390,000 /100ตรว.ติดต่อ 083 100 0104 ต่าย..

Coffee Shops in Surin, Isan

Check out this new blog, Coffee shops in Surin. Pictures and reviews.

Baby elephant twins in Surin

Twin elephant births are very rare. The Surin male twin elephants were born on March 2010. The pair, named Thong-Kum and Thong-Tang, are the first known set of male twin elephants in the world, born to 35-year-old mom Phang Thong Khun. In the morning of 26th of July these lovely dumbos took part in Elephant happening in Surin City.

Elephants in the city of Surin

On this special occasion (26th of July) Buddhist monks from the various temples around Surin will ride on elephant-back to make their alms rounds through the streets of Surin to accept merit-making offerings presented by local residents and visitors.

Townhouse for sale in Surin

Brand new townhouse for sale in Surin. Brand new townhouse units for sale in Surin, located 1.5-2 km from Surin City. Two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, one bathroom. Price from 690.000 THB to 790.000 THB